So…you want to join us? Perfect

We will tell you about everything.

If you like to be feminine, beautiful and aesthetic, and you are attracted by foot fetish – we will be happy to work with you).

For this purpose we create special categories and pages for models of our site.

KSP community publishes materials for the sake of art.
We do not sell or buy content, we do not publish pornography and immorality. All rights to the content belong to the rightholders and are published on the website for review.

If you are interested, write a letter with the subject “Model” on our email.

Our contact email address: [email protected]

You need:

  • 1) Write on Email
  • 2) Send first photoset
  • 3) Choose your nickname
  • 4) Update your category
  • 5) Participate in KSP activity

We offer:

  • 1.Publish your photos and videos on our community resources.
  • 2.Your personal page and category on website.
  • 3.Anonymity and security/
  • 4.Advertising in our community.
  • 5.Personal support on the website.