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1.Write comments
2.Add new publications on our website through email in the “Contacts” section.
3. The author of publications, models and owners of published materials are entitled to delete publications from the pages of the site – for this you need to contact the Administration by writing to an email.
4.All users of the site have the right to participate in voting and competitions.
5.User can delete his profile by contacting the Administration in the “Contacts” section.

KSP Admin has the right:

1) Delete comments without explanation.
2) Delete publications without explanation.
3) Block violators of site rules.
4) Add new rules.
5) Do what he wants

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1 – Spam.
2 – Offensive language.
3 – Advertising in comments and publications in our community.
4 – Immoral content.
5 – Intimate and pornographic content.

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